Use your space WISELY!

Self Storage Tips

July 13th, 2021

Use your space WISELY!
We all know that a self storage facility is a great way to hold on to your belongings without having them take up valuable place in your house or apartment. Obviously, the size of your storage unit is going to depend on how much you have to keep in it, but here are a few hacks that can help you get more stuff in a smaller space:
Look up
Remember that your storage unit is three-dimensional, so make sure you are using its height as well as the floor space. Bring in portable shelves so you can stack things up against the walls without worrying about them toppling over or making it difficult for you to get to the boxes on the bottom of the stack. Similarly, if you have a couch or other long piece of furniture, stack it on end - you'll be amazed at how little floor space it takes up.
Break it down
If you're planning on storing furniture, always break them down as much as possible. Take the legs off tables, and disassemble bed frames. You'll be shocked at how much space you can save. Massive tables will suddenly be just a few inches thick so you can lean them up against a wall, and they'll take up just a fraction of the room they did before. Consider bundling the legs so you can keep them in one spot and won't suddenly find yourself with a three-legged table. Any hardware you use - screws, washers and so forth - should be put in a marked plastic bag and taped or otherwise attached to the furniture.
Use up all the space
You may be surprised by how much space you're wasting by not utilizing the storage inside items that you store. Are you putting a chest of drawers in a storage unit? Your smaller items can be kept in the drawers. What about an oven or refrigerator? Pots and pans can be safely stored there, too.
Label everything
Every single box in your storage unit should have a label on it. While you're packing, it's easy to tell yourself "I'll remember that my Halloween costume was in the same box with my baby blankets and stuffed animals!" But after a few months or years, it's highly unlikely you'll have held on to that particular piece of trivia. Make life easier for your future self: Mark all the boxes with their contents. Whatever you have to store, check out your local Reliance Storage facility today!

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