Do's and Don'ts when it comes to Storage

Self Storage Tips

July 13th, 2021

Are you looking to store some of your extra things? Self-storage is an excellent way to store items while in college, for your business, for seasonal items and clothes, when moving or when making renovations to your home to keep your extra stuff. Self-storage facilities allow you to keep your extra items locked, safe and secure in a location that only you have access to.
There are many things you can do to make your storage experience easy, and there are a lot of things that can make storage difficult for you as well. Follow this list of storage do’s and don’ts for the best storage experience possible!
The Do’s:
Close to home – Find a storage location near you! You want to make sure your location is close to your home or business so you can get your stored items quickly and easily.
Find the right storage unit that fits your needs – There are many different types of self-storage units including indoor storage, outdoor drive-up storage, split level storage, RV storage, boat storage, vehicle storage, warehouse storage, office storage, wine storage, closet storage and climate controlled units so make sure you reserve a unit that best fits your needs. Take a look at this handy Self-Storage Size Guide to find the perfect size unit.
Make clear walkways within your unit – It can be hard to navigate full storage units. An easy way to make sure you have access to everything is by keeping a walkway down the middle of the unit all the way to the back.
Label boxes – Know exactly what you have where. Find the things you’re looking for quickly when you need them.
Make a map of your unit – write down exactly where everything is within your unit as you pack. Take a picture or keep a copy of the layout inside the unit to be sure that you have everything you need.
Get extra insurance – There are damage coverage options available to keep your items in storage safe from unexpected events. If your goods are worth storing, they are worth protecting.
Keep your most used items toward the front for easy access – Understandably, if you use something often, you should make sure it’s going to be easy to get to each time you need it.
Ask for help if you need it! – On site managers are more than happy to help make sure you are comfortable with your storage rental. If you have any questions or concerns, employees will be able to give you a hand.
The Don’ts:
Don’t keep food or plants – Food can attract unwanted visitors to your unit like bugs and rodents. Keep your belongings safe and keep the food out!
Do not store anything flammable – oils, fuels, propane, weapons/ammunition, aerosols are all flammable items that are prohibited from being kept in a storage facility. When storing gas powered items, you’ll need to drain them of all oils and fuel first (helps maintain the gas powered item as well).
Don’t let someone use your unit/keys – Only allow authorized people into your self-storage unit that you fully trust. Your items are valuable, so make sure to keep in mind who you allow to access your unit.
Don’t wrap your items with plastic – Covering or wrapping your things in plastic allows moisture to collect under it, causing mold and mildew. Use furniture pads or moving pads instead.
Don’t leave your unit unlocked – You may think it’s easier to access your unit if you don’t keep it locked all the way, but you are leaving yourself open to having your valuable items stolen.
Don’t paint or use other things that may cause strong odors – Self-storage units aren’t meant for DIY projects or other similar crafting/work things. The enclosed area inside a storage unit can create a toxic environment.

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